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Positioned in the field of aeronautical information management (AIM) and its components dedicated to airports, airlines, and air navigation operators, CGX AERO offers consistent products and services enrolling in the dynamics of global issues for air transport.

Beyond professional services and accompanying expertise, we focus our unique ability to integrate aeronautical and geographic software solutions with added value leveraging the flexibility of a small company supported by a strong capital structure.

CGX AERO has strong national and international references (providing services and solutions in over 40 countries) and experience in integrating hardware and software for mobile solutions using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) with its sister company CGX Systems.

Thanks to its growing infrastructure (specialized data center), its multi-disciplinary teams, strategic and technical partnerships, CGX AERO possesses all of the means to assist you on a long term basis in a spirit of open-mindedness and technical curiosity as well as on a cultural and human basis to meet your needs for services and expert software solutions.

Finally, I would say that CGX AERO is also a human story, written in 1996 by passionate men and women whose professional life is driven by innovation and commitment to grow alongside you to make security and safety in the world of air transport a reality.